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Touchdown: NFL Scores Big With Social Media

Companies want to reach their consumers, the target audience –  fast and effectively. The National Football League does just that, but on a constant and ever-exchanging network. The NFL uses social media to market and advertise its best ideas, products, games, and players by staying consistently connected to their constituencies’ needs, wants, and complaints. How is the NFL doing this?

  1. Use Fans as Ambassadors

By enabling their followers on all social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, to post and talk about their brand, they are using their audience as their marketers. This is essential because the NFL is able to extend their reach far beyond where they could have reached before. Using these applications is not only limited to fans, but players can also get in on the action. The teams are able to promote their season, offseason, and information with their fans. Some examples can be found here.

  1. Extended Reach Free of Charge

Most importantly, the NFL is capable of extending their reach, and they are exceptionally good at it. By using their fans as ambassadors, urging them to post user-generated content, this gets their networks involved as well. An individual’s reach value is essential to the NFL.

  1. Promote Awareness and Discussion

This is too often overlooked regarding the NFL, because most people just think of the company as a sports broadcasting network. That is true. But because of its pure size, the NFL can be used as a platform for social, political, and economic issues. Recently, domestic violence has been a big issue in the lives of professional football players. According to research, there is a direct correlation between on-field violence and off-field domestic abuse in the NFL. This is important for the company to address in the headlines and all over social media to maintain its reputation.

  1. Encouraging User-Participation

Fans do not want to be left out. Now more than ever, a company’s target audience is educated, interested, and motivated. If you aren’t using Snapchat by now and are a multi-billion dollar company, you aren’t doing it right. With the features mentioned in previous blogs such as Snapchat Live feature, Twitter Polls, and Instagram competitions, fans are hungry for a piece of the pie. The NFL encourages participation amongst its constituencies that returns big in the long run.


When looking to the future, the NFL has much more to gain. It has been extremely successful over the years, but like all things, there are areas that could use improvement. Currently, there are over 318 million Americans in the United States, and only two NFL teams have social media accounts with over one million followers. That is not a good ratio. Half of the US population consider themselves fans of the NFL, so the organization needs to do a little more to get this less-interested audiences to participate and follow along. All in all, the NFL is doing a great job at getting their constituencies involved.

As a leader in social media practices in the communication world, the company has brilliant minds working to innovate, inspire, and lead the next generation of fans and find out what they want. The NFL is the “big cheese” and everyone is in anticipation of the next big thing.


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4th Down: NFL Uses Snapchat to Enhance Experience, Online Gaming

The NFL has done extensive research on its constituencies. The organization knows where to find their fans, what they are talking about, and how they are talking. That is exactly why the NFL has partnered with Snapchat, the messaging app that easily allows an individual to share moments through video, picture messages, and text.

The NFL partnered with the company in order to encourage its fans to share their content through its feature “Live Stories”. This means that at large events such as games and conferences, any Snapchat user can upload their content to that particular “Live Story” feed. Snapchat then sifts through and finds the best videos and pictures to upload to the “world feed” which can be viewed by anyone with an account.

The NFL Live Stories will tell the story of what it’s like to be at an NFL game from many points of view throughout the day – from the grounds crew preparing the field for play, to fans tailgating in the parking lot, to players warming up, to the celebrations of victory on the field and in the stands, to the players heading into the parking lot and closing up the stadium.

BLAKE STUCHIN, Director of Digital Media Business Development NFL

This is how powerful the NFL’s reach is becoming. The company understands that the day’s are over of just calling a listed number and asking for support or donations. If you want to get people talking about your brand, let them do the talking for you.

The NFL is embracing digital distribution by offering these “Live Story” opportunities to its fans, and allowing them to share in the experience. The NFL is using this partnership as a form of advertising as well. Brands can pay the NFL to present official “stories” for the platform therefore making money but at the same getting earned advertising from the syndicate.

In 2015, Snapchat had 100 million active daily users with an average of 9,000 snaps per second. This reach is essential to the NFL. More importantly, is the fact that the corporation is able to bring the “experience” full-circle. Fans can watch the game on the television, live stream it from their phones or computers, watch highlights on the network, and now view behind-the-scenes user-generated content from Snapchat.

An emerging digital world that needs to be mentioned is online gaming. Popular sites such as Fanduel and Movado are online sport betting portals where fans who are following games are able to bet with real money on lineups, points, and outcomes to name a few.

moneyThink MONEY. These corporate executives at NFL want to make money and help their shareholders, by allowing partnerships with NFL teams (15 as of 2015) this encourages even more fans to participate. The opportunity for these individuals to make money off watching the sports they love has helped the organization immensely. Now although the NFL has no control over sites such as these, they are just another way that the corporation is able to benefit from something of no expense aside from low-maintenance signage and brand mentions.

The “best practice” that the NFL uses to engage its fans is to use their own fans as marketers and brand ambassadors. This is pivotal in their continual efforts to extend their reach far beyond their goals.

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