About the Author

My name is Katie Blumer and I am an avid sports fan. I am partial to D.C. teams since I am a Virginia native. Throughout my younger and teen years I was always a two-sport varsity athlete playing basketball in the winter and soccer in the spring. However, I was always secretly wishing I could go out on the football field in the fall on Friday nights with my brother. My dad has coached football his whole life and instilled (mostly forced) the love of the game in his youngest daughter.


Currently, I am a sophomore attending James Madison University majoring in Media Arts and Design, studying Integrated Advertising and Corporate Communication with a minor in Sport Communication. I know, I am just as exhausted as you are reading that as I am writing it. What all that means is I am a tomboy who never got her shot to play with “the guys”.

I hope to work in the Media Relations Division of a professional football organization. My ultimate goal would be to serve as a President or Vice President of Communication for an NFL team working to shape the team’s image through all public contacts and publicity generation. I would oversee the coordination of all interviews and serve as the team’s spokesWOMAN.

I hope this blog furthers my readers’ understanding of the organization [NFL] that owns their own day of the week. I will explain how their executives and social media specialists use “the best practices in social media” in order to maintain their long withstanding supporter base and creative edge.


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